Mr. Dipak Kumar Roy
Chairman (Governing Body)
Murshidabad College Of Engineering & Technology , Berhampore
The Murshidabad College of Engineering & Technology is a unique venture in the sphere of technical education in Bengal.When the policy of the State Government is shifting toward industrializationing last decade it was a time when the people of this district feel the urge to set up a technical institution in the district where economic base was only on agriculture.People in our country desire a high quality of life a safe society and a peaceful world. Technology has contributed to an increase in food production and industry has made life more convinient. So it was our primary task to prepare a nation whose hands will give the green crops as well as cutting edge technology which together lead us o build "self-reliance" India. Thanks are due to the State Government for helping us in all possible manners to set up this institution from where a thousand of technologist have already been produced.

In the present age, the conventional inflexible boundaries of disciplines are removed and the subjects are separated and subdevided into smaller units that cris-cross and mix together to form new interdisciplinary thoughts. so it is my pleasure to getting closer with the teachers and thoughts of various new subjects along with conventional engineering branches.

As the Chairman of this institute , I am entrusted and committed towards achieving excellence in all our activities by providing easy and accessible leadership for an efficient management system and to augment the infrastructural facilities in the college , thereby increasing the efficiency of the institute. I am sincere to motivate and rejuvenate every Department to be shining as outstanding center of technical education.