Laboratories of Basic Science, Humanities & Mechanical Engineering (BSHME)

Since: 1998

Engineering Physics Laboratory
Major Equipments:
  • Optical Sources, LASER, Galvanometer, Thermo Couple, Hall Effect.
Engineering Chemistry Laboratory
Major Equipments:
  • Conducto-meter, PH-Meter, Viscometer etc.
Mechanical Workshop
Major Equipments:
  • Lathe M/C, Drilling M/C, Milling M/C, Shaping M/C Welding M/C, Tools for Carpentry shop and Fitting Shop, etc.
Engineering Drawing Laboratory
Major Equipments:
  • Drawing Table and Drawing equipments.
Thermal Power Engineering Laboratory
Major Equipments:
  • Diesel Engines and Petrol Engines along with Test Rigs for various performances Test, Bomb Calorimeter, Equipment set up for measuring Flash Point and Pour Point etc., Cut models of various Boilers and IC Engines.
Language Lab
Major Equipments:
  • Computer, Camera, Voice Recorder, Head Phones and Other devices.