Language Lab

The Department of Applied Sciences possesses a network based Language Lab. The objective of the lab is to make the students confident and better speakers. English Edge is the software which is used to impart training to the students.The lab is well equipped with all the essential facilities like computer, headphones etc which facilitate effective learning as the students grasp the topics with the help of audio visual and digital aids. Efforts are made to harness the technology for providing better learning environment. Moreover, emphasis is laid on all the LSRW skills particularly on spoken English. With the help of software, students are able to learn the variation in articulation, accent, rhythm and intonation of speech sounds. Also the software offers a storehouse of exercises for enhancing the knowledge about grammar and vocabulary skills. In addition to this, activity based learning is promoted among students and they are encouraged to participate in various activities like role play, group discussion, debate, extempore, JAM etc. The regular lab sessions help the students in the long run to bring out the necessary changes in their overall personality.

Course outcome
  • Understand the nuances of language through audio – visual experience and group activities.

  • Speak with clarity and confidence thereby enhancing employability skills of the students.

  • Perceive and comprehend the intricacies of grammar in an interactive fashion.

  • Improve the fluency in spoken English and neutralize mother tongue influence.

  • Familiarize students with the use of English in everyday situations and contexts.