The institute possesses an up-to-date and well equipped library with text books, reference books, hand books, Magazines, Journals, periodicals, etc.Library is rich in more than 11,000 books exclusively for B.Tech students.The institute subscribes for a number of technical periodicals & journals both Indian and International. The e-journal subscription has widened the prospects of browsing more than 100 standard journals of international repute.Newspapers (including Employment News) are also kept in the library for general awareness of the students.Book-Bank facility for SC/ST students sponsored by Government of West Bengal.

  • Facilities Available from10 A.M. to 8 P.M. on all working days.

  • Reading Room posses 100 seats for students.

  • Store Room can avail maximum of 50000 books.

  • Currently library avail 13,000 no. of books with 17,000 book indexes.

  • For digital library Libsys Software with barcode system are available.

  • Area of reading room: 296 sq. m.

  • Total area : 402 sq. m.

  • National journal & e- journal facilities are available.

  • 5 terminals earmarked for student access.